Saamag Foundation

With the objective to arrange, develop, manage, promote and mobilize resources and community for the social, economic and environmental welfare of underprivileged and economically weaker sections of Indian society for their sustainable overall development, Saamag Foundation was born in 2014. As a first initiative, our foundation is working for children and women welfare by taking up health, education and welfare programs.

Saamag Foundation was built with the aim of arranging and providing medical aid and other assistance necessary for the living of needy people who are handicapped mentally/physically and financially unfit. Our foundation aids society by conducting research studies on the social and economic conditions of people region wise with a view to evolve effective ways for development as per their social historical frameworks.

Saamag Foundation eventually aims to work in the following areas:

  • To aid/establish educational colleges/institutions for the benefit of downtrodden.
  • To provide basic medical facility, sanitation, general healthcare and other needful support which can be helpful for public to overcome suffering caused by natural/manmade disasters.
  • To facilitate legal assistance to underprivileged to fight for their rights and justice.
  • To establish and run hospitals, healthcare centers, research centers to provide healthcare, counselling and referral services for all kinds of illness and disease and organize health and awareness camps for immunization, eye care, motherhood and childcare.
  • To build hostels, short stay homes, rehabilitation centers, shelters, creches/childcare centers for elderly, women and children.


Our foundation believes in promoting and advocating human rights and fundamental freedom for all without any discrimination of caste, colour, religion, sex and language. It will always strive to work for the sustainable development and welfare of women, children and elderly people.