Big ideas, Bigger responsibility.

We want to be remembered for our quality, commitments and innovative spirit!

About us

Saamag, envisioned as an all encompassing group symbolizing commitment and integrity for every action, was founded in 1995 as a trading firm in New Delhi (India). In last twenty years and more, Saamag has redefined success creating unmatched value in the realms of shipping, real estate, hospitality, construction and e-commerce.

Our first project was in the shipping industry which was completed with a stamp of passion & dedication. The next step forward was in real estate and construction sector in 2003. Saamag group proved that even sky is not the limit interspersing the skyline with life-like structures to emerge as a leader in real estate developments in North India. Venturing into the grey areas once again, Saamag group is now enterprising into the vibrant world of e-commerce industry with unique start-ups like Planeteves, Kiraanastore and Anant Wellness.

The company has showcased its commitment and diligence towards providing the best quality and meaningful life through its deliverable in residential, commercial, retail, hospitality, wellness etc. The journey of Saamag is the story of a team of driven through human values & purpose to enhance quality lifestyle and grow in the process building on the trust and customer satisfaction.

Even Sky is not the limit!


  • To be the most trusted name worldwide in path-breaking projects in the genre of real estate, construction, retail and digital technologies
  • To invest collective expertise and proficiency to bring betterment in the quality of life of people
  • To set a tradition of innovation, excellence and integrity; in all our actions and approach
  • To create a winning team where each employee feels empowered and constantly keeps enriching himself/herself with globally trending skills
  • To take care of ecology with a dedicated approach of resource
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  • We see ourselves as an ACE
  • Attitude + Commitment = Excellence
  • We envision being one of the top companies symbolizing total commitment. We want to be the preferred name for customers, employees, suppliers and general people alike owing to our clear focus on delivering best quality and performance


The core values that define us as individuals and collectively as the Saamag group are:

  • Uncompromised Quality - We are committed to invest in continual improvement of our people and processes to deliver exceptional quality to each and every customer.
  • Innovation – We strive to do the new with a focus on economization of resources and adapting techniques as well as technologies that help us create/serve more in less.
  • People-oriented – Saamag cares for the people who are associated with the group and dedicatedly invests in upgrading the skills and life quality of its team.
  • Self-growth - We want to challenge our capabilities and get inspired by the passion within. It is our mission to raise our level of expertise and performance so that we become one stop shop for cost-optimized solutions.
  • Agility & Dynamism - We endeavour to rapidly surface, evaluate, and implement business initiatives that can deliver significant results. We want to be known as the team for risk mitigation and integrated service delivery on time.
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