Every dream fulfilled. Every goal achieved.

A timeless saga of success that began with a team’s dedication to serve the people

Welcome to Saamag

Saamag started its journey in 1995 from New Delhi as a trading company, representing various multinationals and their interests in India. It began with trading of polyester raw materials and steel. Slowly, the company ventured into ship sale and purchase.

A humble beginning that started as a trading broker firm gradually upgraded to most trusted name in shipping industry. The company is now one of the renowned buyers of old ships for demolition.

Saamag stands today as a united group engaging in diversified activities ranging from shipping to real estate, hospitality, e-commerce, retail, beverages and pharmaceuticals.

The group is led by a professional team comprising of experts from respective fields who have immense experience and are working hard to make the group’s journey successful and remarkably impactful.