A Refreshing taste of life

Venturing into beverage industry with full throttle zeal


As one of the country’s top beverage companies, Saamag group offers a wide range of healthy, safe, high quality, and refreshing beverages to the consumers. The company has built an unmatched portfolio of beverages that include Campa along with newly launched brand SD and Dinsy at its state-of-the-art bottling plant in Sikandrabad, Uttar Pradesh. This advanced facility has pet bottling capacity of 120 bpm and fizzy drink Can line of 90 bpm. At present, the company is bottling under the franchise/license agreement of ‘Campa’ brand which is one of the oldest brand of soft drinks in North India.

The Company along with its bottling partners, through a strong network of over million retail outlets, has been catering to the needs of millions all across India and emerging as the preferred choice. The company boasts of having energy efficient and eco-friendly plants which are especially developed in order to generate power for various industrial purposes while catering to the ever-increasing demand of its products.


Campa Cola used to be one of the most loved refreshing drink of India and a market leader for a long long time until the advent of the foreign players Pepsi and Coca-Cola that ate up Indian companies in the name of Liberalization policy of the P. V. Narasimha Rao Government in 1991.

The Pure Drinks Group and Campa Beverages Pvt. Ltd. virtually monopolized the entire Indian soft drink industry for about 20 years, and then started Campa Cola during the absence of foreign competition. The credit of reviving Campa Cola goes to Saamag Group which is not aiming to get a pioneer position in Indian Market and is being re-launched in many flavours like Sun Dew, Orange Flavour, Lemon Flavour, Coca Flavour and Mango Juice.


In 2018, Saamag group launched its own beverage brand “SD” which is now seen as one of the most popular and preferred beverage brands in Delhi-NCR. The reason why SD has become such a phenomenal success in this short span of time reflects Saamag’s commitment to quality and goodness.

Every single product offered by Saamag group has been guided by “performance with purpose”, a fundamental belief that links the success of the company with the sustainability of the world around. SD as a brand stands for freshness and joy in life; its taste and quality have won a million hearts in North India already. The future would see SD emerge an even stronger brand that will create long-term value for the society and brand stakeholders.


Dinsy as a new beverage was launched by Saamag group in 2017 which has been positioned as a range of healthy, safe, high quality, refreshing beverage option for the consumers. In last two years,Dinsy has done exceptionally well and the company has succeeded in establishing an unmatched portfolio for Dinsy that is meant to refresh the consumers with flavours like Cola, Orange, and Lime etc.

Saamag group has been constantly transforming the portfolio of Dinsy and now offering the drink with natural pure sugar to bring innovative as well as healthy beverages in this industry. Saamag has also been working to reduce the environmental impact by replenishing water and promoting recycling through Dinsy.