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Saamag invests its passion and experience in infrastructure development & institutional projects


The Saamag group aims to deliver best quality infrastructure within the budget of the customer. The group aspires to significantly contribute towards improving the quality of life of its customers, via strengthening and expanding its established position, thus becoming the first choice for existing and prospective clients. In its vision to develop iconic infrastructural entities and raise the industry benchmark, team Saamag strives to elevate the surrounding locations of its projects thus transforming them into high-flying prime landmarks.

The biggest delight and pride for the company is the fact that Saamag group is considered a synonym for trust, transparency and timeliness. The group is currently focusing on the successful phase-wise delivery of its 30 projects. Simultaneously, it is tying up more large-scale projects in tier 1, 2 and 3 towns of North India to continue on its growth trajectory.

Architectural Modelling

>Architecture Modeling is both an art and a science. Saamag Group is known for using its imagination and honing it with computer renderings for a perfect output. Our expert team of professionals undertakes Architecture Modeling with a clear goal and after an insightful understanding of the client’s budgets, resources, expectations and preferences. We excel in making the architecture model as realistic as possible so to give the client the general overview of complete project and also illustrate significant detailed aspects.

Construction Management

Saamag offers construction engineering and management programs to prepare and facilitate both graduate and undergraduate students in their journey of becoming construction engineers and managers. With the objective of being a contributor to the country's infrastructure development, the company is also keenly participating in BOT/BOOT projects and also on the futuristic progressive projects related to various freight corridors.

Saamag holds a forte in construction projects for hospitality industry owing to the team’s expertise and inclination for luxury and a sense of aesthetics. The designs created by us are meant to cast a spell on the guests and win them over with refined taste for class, unrivalled luxury and hospitality.

Preconstruction Planning

>Owing to a rich experience and forte, SAAMAG Group is known for investing its passion and employing best practices in the pre-construction or design phase which is central to the success of the project. Our processes and benchmarks have been developed after gaining insights and working for more than two decades in construction management work.