Happiness multiplies with caring and sharing

Small actions to bring big smiles

Saamag Foundation

We at Saamag group believe our corporate social responsibility to be an essential part of our existence. No business can survive or thrive without giving back to the community they belong to and fulfilling their responsibilities towards the many that have made their organizational success possible. Our sustainability policy stands incomplete without efficient resource management and this is aimed entirely towards making a better tomorrow for the people of the nation and the world whom we serve.

Saamag group takes climate change, depletion of natural resources and similar issues to the heart and is proudly committed towards sustainable and inclusive development for all nations worldwide.

Enriching the childhood with a humble contribution

Our team is dedicatedly planning activities for the welfare and betterment in the life of children and women by being a part of social advocacy campaigns related to health, education and welfare programs.

The foundation recently joined hands with Vikas Vishranti Charitable Trust to distribute books, clothes and other essential utilities to the children from marginalized section of the society, It is our aim to continue doing similar work of arranging, developing managing, promoting and mobilizing resources for the socio-economic welfare of the underprivileged and economically weaker sections of the society.